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Michael J. Ricciardi, Founder

As an avid outdoorsman and generally curious individual, I have always been interested in nature and the world around me. My academic and industry work has focused on the role of the adaptive immune system and how it responds to various diseases. These responses  include T-cells, which prime the immune response and kill infected cells, as well as B-cells, which produce monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Over the past decade T-cells and mAbs have become some of the most exciting types of therapeutics and diagnostics tools due to their incredible specificity and tolerability. My mentor--Dr. David Watkins Ph.D., a distinguished professor of infectious disease for over 30 years--and I have built companies from the ground up for the diagnosis (Z-Quick Diagnostics, LLC) and treatment (MABloc Therapeutics, LLC) of emerging infectious diseases including Coronaviruses, Zika virus, Dengue virus, Yellow fever virus, HIV/SIV, and others. Additionally, I have started MAT Biologics, LLC which has specialized in the acquisition and importation of disease state PBMC, plasma/serum, and tissue samples into the US. Our team, all trained and experienced in NIH, CDC, CLIA, and FDA guidelines and regulations are here to help.

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